Thursday, December 01, 2005


World Poker Tour - Newcastle

Went up to Tom's on Saturday night for his bucks night.

We had pizza (apparently you need a bbq to have a bbq, go figure!), then played a bit of No Limit Texas Hold em, with my new poker chips.

There were 8 of us playing plus we actually had someone deal for us, which was cool.

I made it to the top 4, but got done going all in on a good hand, but the other guys was better!

Tom and Luke were the final two. Tom was by far the underdog, having the shortest stack the whole game, then a few clever hands and ...

Who am I kidding, I'm not sports journo...

End result Tom won, and a good night was had by all!

Thursday, November 24, 2005


Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey all you Yanks out there, Happy Thanksgiving!

We celebrated thanksgiving for the first time last night. We have an American girl in our bible study group who is returning to the US, so we thought we'd throw her a Thanksgiving dinner (it was my idea, i'm so cool!)

We had a lovely turkey feast, with cranberry sauce and all (not a bad condiment i might add), then topped it off with a pumpkin pie I made. Apparently it tasted how it should, (i'm not sure how, cause I left out 125 grams of butter). Not the best dessert going around, but it did have a kind of custard tart taste to it.

I should have some photos up on my fully sick moblog any minute now, check em out (I only took like 2 photos)

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


New Address!!

Finally I got my new address up and working!

You can now get all your fillet-o-phil action at fillet central, otherwise known as

email is now

Drop me a line!

Monday, November 21, 2005


Eric Idle : The Greedy Bastard Tour

Hey, as promised a quick pro rata book review (I havn't finished it yet)
Synopsis - It's the travel diary of Eric Idle, as he goes on a comic tour of America.

I'm only up to day 15, but it is a very funny book, particularily if you are a Monty Python fan.

I'll post some good quotes later, too tired now...

Anyways, you (yes you) should buy this book and read just as I did (although I didn't buy it, it was a gift)

Amazon - Buy from here


Long time no blog

Hey all, by all I mean no one, cause this is probally the blog with the smallest reader base in the world, but hey they say talking to yourself is the first sign of intelligence...

Well haven't blogged for a while (lack of fibre will do that to you), been motivated to start again, so enjoy.

Been listening to a few podcasts lately, would love to get in to it, time will tell.

New address coming soon,! nice short url for all your Philaction!

Watching Aussie Idol at the moment, I havn't watched the show before, not my cup of tea, not enough spa action.
They are just about to announce the winner........
"the winner of Australian Idol 2005 is.............. Kate Deruge"

Apparently she has a better voice, but Emily is a package deal, I dunno?

She seems a bit cocky, too composed after winning it, like she never thought she'd lose.

The Idol single is a bit crap...

I shouldn't blog while watching TV, this'll just go on forever about rubbish.

Well I've rambled enough, might start a new post for a book review... see you in a sec

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